821 Diamond Avenue, South Bend, IN 46628

3 Bed/1 Bath, 1,114 Square Feet, Built in 1921!

Fantastic Cash Cow Property, while financing works great, you could pay cash for this property and get a section 8 government direct deposit rent check every month!  Then there are no worries about what might happen with the market, and the numbers on this deal are amazing, so is the renovation!  We are about to paint the exterior and it’s going to look as good as the inside (weather slowed us a little).  We believe it will rent in a week, even in this market.  The home features a nice sized living room, brand new kitchen, new appliances (installed at tenant move in),  and a completely new bathroom, a newer hvac system and plumbing and electrical that have been largely redone.    Bedrooms are all large for a home this era.

Located a few blocks or two from the St. Joseph River this area is gentrifying at a pretty rapid pace, many homes in this area have been renovated within the last couple of years and we are renovating 4 on this street right now!   On Cleveland, the next block over there are at least three new construction homes and one of South Bend’s newest elementary schools.  The city has just put new curb, guter and sidewalks up and down this street.  Go up a few blocks over the river and there are $200,000-$350,000 mansions that white collar executives live in.

This property has a target rent of $825 per month and our property managers think they can get that in about a week!  If you are looking for a potentially excellent cash flow, rent-ready, income producing property, check this out.  This is not guaranteed and is only a projection based upon past experience, rents change according to season and you should get your own rental comps and verify with the property manager of your choice.

ROI Turnkey Properties LLC brings this property to you through a relationship in our network that professionally renovates properties, this is not a property we own, rather through Realty Plus, LLC real estate brokerage our agent Patty Baba will write up the contract for you and be compensated 3% by the seller, providing us a referral fee for services rendered.  We will discuss types of agency available prior to writing an offer on this property.  Any related referral fees will be negotiated with the seller as part of the transaction and built into the price.

ROI Turnkey Properties is the largest turnkey property provider in Alabama and the only producer of turnkey property in Huntsville, Birmingham, and Montgomery. Our founder has coached and trained for Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” program and conducted bus tours for guys from “Flip This House,” “Flipping Vegas,” and “Dean Graziosi.”  The group that did all of the buying for Trump Real Estate Seminars also relied upon our founder to provide fantastic properties.

Rents and pro formas are given for illustrative purposes and are based upon the experience of the seller from past experience.  Past performance is no indication of future performance as rental prices can change and vary by square footage, property condition, season or timing in the real estate market cycle.  Buyers are encouraged to check Zillow Rent Estimates and Rentometer.com as well as verify with property managers for themselves what the rents should be.

Property Details

Price: $62,400
Address: 821 Diamond Avenue
City: South Bend
State: IN
ZIP: 46628
MLS #:
Square Feet: 1,114
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 1

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