Finding Off-Market Properties

It can be difficult to find off-market properties on the multiple listing services, especially when inventory is down and demand is up. People are trying to get out of the market and take their cash to other investments, and off-market homes can be few and far between.

But that shouldn’t stop you from finding the best investments. Several tools are at your disposal; the trick is knowing the best way to use each one.

Bandit Signs

Bandit signs are often the most common form of advertising, and for good reason. They can be as simple as a Sharpie-scribbled phone number on a chloroplast sign or as well designed as a professionally printed ad.

They’re often successful, too. You can easily get your name out there with a few well-placed bandit signs.

But this form of advertising also comes with some drawbacks. You should check city ordinances to ensure your signs don’t violate the law. Leaving them up too long can sometimes count as a misdemeanor.

Say you place 50 signs throughout your city on a Friday. That’s great, but now you’re stuck relocating those signs and picking them up again on Sunday, or else they’ll likely be thrown away.

Direct Mail to Absentee Owner Lists

Absentee owners can be found by mailing letters to people where the tax bill is mailed somewhere other than the physical address, telling you they don’t live in the home.

Target out-of-state owners because they often haven poor experiences with their property management companies. Either that, or they’re reluctant landlords—meaning they inherited the property or accidentally got into the real estate business, but they never mean to be investors.

When you communicate via absentee-owner mailing, you’re helping those reluctant landlords get rid of a headache. And the best part? You don’t have to spend your entire weekend canvassing the city.

Notices of Default

You can contact people who are behind on their mortgage just by taking a look at the lists published by the courthouse.

They’re usually behind on payments because they’ve fallen victim to one of the four Ds: death, divorce, drugs, and debt. These factors always exist, no matter the market cycle.

Door Hangers

This is a great follow-up method to absentee mailing. Use a door hanger on the second or third time you contact an owner.

Just be sure to place it on the actual landlord’s door, not the renter, who’s likely to toss your ad—and your hard-earned money—in the trash.

Beamer Ads

The other types of advertising work well enough, but when push comes to shove, they’re still relatively low-tech. If you’re looking for a more efficient method, you might want to consider Beamer Ads.

Beamer Ads use proximity marketing. Whenever someone with the Beamer app walks within 100 feet of your beacon, they’ll get a notification about your services. This can take nearly any form you’d like—contact info, business cards, and even videos.

That’s just with iPhones. Android users don’t need an additional app, which is great because 80% of Americans have purchased an Android-related phone in the last two years.

Analytics are included, too. You always know when how many people receive the message versus how many people open it. That’ll help you tailor your message to the right audience.

Just think: As you drive down through neighborhoods, anyone within 100 ft will be beamed your contact info. No hassle with door hangers and bandit signs, but the same results.

Or, if you’re speaking at a real estate investment event with 100,000 people, everyone in the room will get your ad.

Go to the website and get the upgraded version for the base price. Just text ROI.7 to 21000.

The Takeaway

Good advertising is time consuming. We know it, you know it. But it doesn’t always have to be that way, especially in a society so reliant on technology. You can use bandit signs, absentee mailing lists, and door hangers to find those off-market properties.

But don’t be afraid to get a little creative, especially as the market heats up. When you start struggling with your property search, think about saving a little time and money with Beamer Ads.