IKEA Turns You Into A Real Estate Investing Genius?!

You Can Learn Everywhere, Even Shopping at IKEA! Studying how successful people and companies work is a key to your success. We usually refer to this as finding a mentor, getting a coach, or shadowing success in real estate circles. Podcasts and reading blogs here on BP is a great start for that, but there are obvious lessons in […]

“When Did You Decide to Buy Someone Else A House?”

When I was in my mid 20’s I was looking at purchasing a really old (1930’s) two story Victorian in rough shape for like $15,000 (a strategy I would never recommend).  The tenant was paying like $600 per month, and she declared with great pride that, “I have lived in this home for 29 years […]

Could the Real Estate Boom Bust?

Between 2008 and 2012 many of our clients bought homes well below the previous market highs. In fact homes were selling for what building lots were selling for previously. It wasn’t uncommon to buy 2005 homes for $45,000 that had sold for $160,000 previously. The cash on cash returns for many of our clients rested […]

Dropped Concrete, Uneven Sidewalks, Stair Problems? This May Fix It!

This is MUST SEE VIDEO.  IT MAY SAVE YOU A LOT OF MONEY ON YOUR NEXT REHAB!   A lot of times as the earth moves and shifts underneath concrete that was poured 10, 20 or even 30 years ago we shy away from investment properties that might be outstanding deals.  Thinking that these repairs […]

Flipping For Fast Profits: How Do You Do It?

                          This home is a perfect example of what can be done in flipping. Located in East Cobb in the Lassiter School District, this home was purchased for $94,000 and sold for $195,000 after $35,000 in rehab was completed. The home already had […]

Picky Buyers Will Love 5064 Oak Leaf Circle, Adamsville, AL 35005

Your Picky Buyers Will Love 5064 Oak Leaf Circle, Adamsville, AL 35005 Adamsville, Alabama is a charming community only about 15-20 minutes from Birmingham, Alabama. It has a country feel to it, with wide open fields and tall trees that provide a quaint feeling. With a median income of $42,212 Adamsville, Alabama has a higher […]

Birmingham, Alabama Has Bright Future: Investors Buy Now!

  Birmingham Alabama has a bright future and our advice to investors is, BUY NOW! In 2011 the Jefferson County, where Birmingham is located, declared the biggest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. History (prior to Detroit, Michigan two years later). Reading this article you may be thinking, “Wait a minute here, didn’t you just say that […]

Don’t Kill Your Cash Flow and Return on Investment (ROI)!

Don’t Kill Your Cash Flow and Return on Investment (ROI)! The money in real estate is made up front, you make it when you buy, not when you sell! Buying right from motivated sellers, estate sales, bank foreclosures (REO’s), HUD, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, as well as auctions is a good way to make sure […]

Why Real Estate Investing Is the Money Doubling Business and Albert Einstein’s Rule of 72!

  Real Estate Is the Money Doubling Business, and Albert Einstein Say’s You Need to Get Involved! Real Estate Investing is an exciting business right now due to historic once a century pricing, a Congressional Bail Out that allows banks to sell their foreclosures at artificially low pricing, and interest rates that are also historically […]

If It’s Called The Number One Rule, Location Might Be Important!

I’ve got about two sentences to grab your attention, because this is the most over used phrase in real estate! Location, Location, Location….sounds familiar doesn’t it? As the last three to four years has developed a feeding frenzy in real estate, people often forget some of the most important considerations when buying high return real […]