141 1st Ave, Griffin, GA 30223

3/2 1350 Square Feet

This home has been completely renovated. Has all brand new stainless appliances. Even comes with the smart and wi-fi technology refrigerator and Bluetooth compatibility garage door opener.   New Hardwood floors and Quartz countertops.

Confirm rents with the property manager of your choice, but we are told this property may rent out around 1200-1300 range depending upon the time of year you are leasing.  This is a property that is still all new, and in a nice neighborhood.  There are a number of comps that will support the $129,500 price. Our total all in cost is $129,500 and this house is ready to accept tenants quickly.

IMPORTANT: This is an “income-ready” property. This means that this property has been sourced through non-traditional means. In today’s very hot real estate markets, it is often necessary to bid on properties that other, non-ROI-Turnkey buyers are also bidding on. When you place this property on hold, we will reach out to the seller to ensure it is still for sale. If it is we will help you write an offer and submit it. If your offer is accepted, we will work with you to close the property and prepare it to become an income producing investment property. If another buyer out bids you, we may help submit a counter offer or we may advise that it is best to choose another property. We will ALWAYS help you determine what is in your best interest as we navigate today’s competitive seller’s markets. 

ROI Turnkey Properties is the largest turnkey property provider in Alabama and the only producer of turnkey property in Huntsville, Birmingham, and Montgomery. Our founder has coached and trained for Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” program and conducted bus tours for guys from “Flip This House,” “Flipping Vegas,” and “Dean Graziosi.”  The group that did all of the buying for Trump Real Estate Seminars also relied upon our founder to provide fantastic properties.

Rents and pro formas are given for illustrative purposes and are based upon the experience of the seller from past experience.  Past performance is no indication of future performance as rental prices can change and vary by square footage, property condition, season or timing in the real estate market cycle.  Buyers are encouraged to check Zillow Rent Estimates and Rentometer.com as well as verify with property managers for themselves what the rents should be.

Property Details

Price: $129,500
Address: 141 1st St.
City: Griffin
State: GA
ZIP: 30223
MLS #:
Square Feet: 1350
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Basement: No

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